Monday, September 6, 2010


When at last the day grew dim,
to hide the sun, the clouds did swim,
the whole world quickly turned on the lights,
a flick of the switch and out fled the night,
as i sat idly in my seat,
i ignored the falsely lit street,
and looking at the falling rain,
the moment seemed inane

Mentally i walked that narrow street,
where insane and the mundane meet,
that dividing line obscured,
and languid boredom thus was cured,
the world seemed my acid dream,
throat constricted, i could not scream,
blurred colours spun around,
lovers' faces in thoughts are drowned,

People thought i have never met,
who i pass once and then forget,
now come to mind in leaps and bounds,
with vulgar colour and garish sounds,
i am feeling perversely loved,
that thought to be unconscious is shoved,
i turn away to the dark past,
and wonder whether light or dark to trust,

And still i watch the rains pace,
as drops stream down my face,
when and why did i start to cry,
i cannot stop though i try,
i want to run to that acid dream,
where i cant breathe but i may scream,
the colours make my sky afar,
and drops of darkness my stars.....

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